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7 Ways To Kill Your MLM Business

Do you really want to kill your network marketing business? I bet if I ask this question to ten MLM’ers they would all tell me no. However, they don’t realize that what they are doing is killing their MLM business. I’m no exception because at one point I didn’t realize that some of the things I was doing were driving my business into the ground until I was taught the very same things you are about to read. Applying these methods will have you become a professional network marketer.

How To Kill Your Network Marketing Business

1. Not Training
If you are brand new to the profession then it’s a must that you go through the proper training before you even try to talk to your first prospect. I’m not talking about the history of your company, the products,or the compensation plan. Yes, those are important but the most important training you can ever learn is prospecting.

Learn the art of approaching, inviting, and following up. You get paid to prospect and enroll distributors so make this your highest priority when it comes to your training.

2. Being a Salesperson
Trying to sell your opportunity is bad. What may even be worse is trying to convince your prospect into joining your network marketing business. Do you really want to work with someone you convinced into the business? If you do, chances are they will not be passionate about the business and will most likely quit. You want to work with people who have the same vision and passion that you do about the business. You are not a salesman. Your job is to supply information about your opportunity so that your prospect can make a decision. Let your company’s presentation do the selling and convincing for you… that’s what it’s used for.

3. Begging Your Prospects
Let me ask you a question… would you want to join someone who is begging you to join their business? You would think you’ll have to beg and plead with your prospect in order to make money. Position yourself as the person who has what your prospect needs in order to fulfill their wants, needs, and desires. Be the successful entrepreneur who is building a business and that you don’t need Mr. Prospect to join you. People are attracted to those who have what they want and if you position or posture yourself in this way then you will increase your chance to enroll more people.

4. Being Emotionally Attached
This is with the company your are with and with the outcome of enrolling prospects. You have to separate your emotions from business and make decisions based on the long term future of your business. Secondly, don’t get emotionally attached to prospect when trying to enroll them. You shouldn’t care if they join you or not… even if you think they will be an All-Star recruiter. Let them walk if the business is not for them. They’re millions of people looking to work form home and getting upset if a prospect walks away is having a lack mentality.

5. Not Being Realistic
Never make false claims to your prospect about how much money they will make and the amount of time it will take to get them there. Nothing wrong with showing them what’s possible but make a disclaimer that if they want to achieve their goals it’s strictly dependent on their efforts and skill sets. Never agree with any outrageous goals they may have. If your prospect says they want to make $20,000 their first month working one hour a day, don’t agree with that nonsense and bring them down to reality. If you make false claims just to enroll a rep it will only hurt yourself. You’ll build a rep of being sleazy, dishonest, untrustworthy and you’ll have a complaining rep to deal with. All deservingly so.

6. Bad Mouthing Your Competition
What good can come out of you taking shots at another rep or network marketing company? Nothing. You only hurt yourself and the industry as a whole. If you and your company is that much better than the person or company you’re taking down, then it would be known without saying anything at all. This also applies if you are prospecting someone and they had a negative experience with MLM before. Explore what wet wrong for them and show them you have the training and support in place to make sure that it won’t be a problem if they join you and your network marketing company.

7. Not Working Your Business
I saved the ultimate killer for last. You can get the first six right but it you don’t work your business than you won’t have any business. What do you get paid for? Prospecting, enrolling, and teaching others to do the same. You have to make connections everyday to show people your business. Make that your number one goal every single day. You don’t get paid for organizing your office, alphabetizing your prospects, or working on your scripts. Those thing do have their place but 80% of your time needs to be talking to people about your business and showing them your companies presentation. You want to fill your pipeline with qualified MLM leads so that you’re always presenting and following up on a daily basis. Can you think of anymore ways to kill your network marketing business?

Starting A Successful Gift Basket Business From Home

The Gift Baskets Industry

Didi you know that the gift basket industry is one of the fastest growing businesses to operate from your home, reaching a multi billion dollar sales level. According to the Small Business Opportunities Magazine the gift basket business is rated as one of the top 20 businesses to successfully operate out of your own home. It provides a secure profession and profitable income for people like you and I because it is a all year round business.

Who Buys Gift Baskets

There a millions of people everyday from all around the world who are sending and receiving gift baskets. This industry is so profitable and in demand because everyday people celebrate birthdays and holidays. Such occasions like graduation and weddings are the perfect occasion to send a basket. How thoughtful is it when there is sickness or even death in someones family to send a sympathy gift that says they are loved and thought of. The joy of a new baby gets us all excited and we love to celebrate the birth of a new life with a memorable gift. The best thing about this industry is that it is a business that gives to others.

The Freedom Of Working From Your Home

As a stay at home mom, I understand the pressures of mothers. Typically we are the ones who tend to the children, we cook, we clean, we do homework with our children, we run errands all around town for our family and that’s not to mention all the other activities we have in our lives. Many women do all these things while holding down a 9-5 job outside the home. I did this for many years just to find that I never had time for myself or my family. It was very stressful as I spent most of my time away from home and away from my family. The amount of money that my 9-5 job was offering me was barely enough to get by. With gas prices soaring high, money spend on lunches, and not to mention that stressful rush hour traffic, I felt like I was on a career path going no where. As a woman who has successfully ran a business from her home for many years, I know the real benefits of having a self employed business.

Starting Your Gift Basket Business

Searching for employment opportunities can be very tedious and fearful to say the least. Working online from my home drove me to search the internet for legit ways to find a home business that make money and that I really enjoyed. The desire to have a gift basket business has always been a passion of mine, but the thought of expensive rent to operate a brick and mortar business, supplies, paying employees and everything else that goes into operating a gifting business. I was able to find a wonderful company that gave me the opportunity to own my own gift basket business online without all the hassle. In starting my gift basket business I was able to work online from the comforts of my home, save money on lunch, gas, dry cleaner bills and so much more. I am now living out my dream working from home with a self employed business that gives me residual income, a flexible schedule and while earning an easy income and wealth from home. If you have always desired to start a gift basket business and work from home, now you can live your dream and become your own boss and start to work from home now.

How To Get Your Business Noticed With Little or No Investment?

How do I increase my customer base, how do I get noticed? This is the 64 million dollar question that every small business owner asks him or herself. The answer is simple but difficult to achieve if you don’t know how to go about it. And the answer is… marketing! Of course, you knew that but you can’t afford marketing. You can hardly afford to purchase new pens for your business because you already owe the paper you will be writing on. So how does a small business with very little to invest in marketing, well… market? You take every opportunity to increase your presence!

Increasing your notability on and off line should be your number one priority but you don’t have to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to do this. Here are some simple steps to getting yourself noticed to bring in more customers:

Community Boards:
Take advantage of the community boards at stores, laundromats, restaurants, and anywhere you can place your business card. Many people visit these places and could be your potential clients. It doesn’t matter what you sell; if you are out there people will find a need for your services.

Friends & Family:
Talk to your friends and family about what you do and how you can help them and anyone they know. Invest in extra business cards and hand them out in bunches to them so they can be your walking, talking billboards. There is always someone who needs your services and the more people know about you the higher your chances are to get their business. I for one never thought I would need a moonwalk since I don’t have any small children but one day; I needed one for a party. It just so happened that a friend of mine knew about Evelyn Rentals, they rent party supplies and I got a moonwalk, tables, chairs, and a piƱata! I thought all I needed was the moonwalk but it turns out I needed more. So talk to people, anyone that will listen. It will pay off in the long run.

Social Media:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Squidoo… these are all free social media portals that you should take advantage of to increase your business notoriety. No need to become a fanatic, just open a free account and post your services! Of course it would help if you constantly update your status but just having your business name posted online is enough for people to find you when they need you. Create your own free profile on all of the social media networks, find your friends and have them help you promote your business online for free! Post about your services, who you’ve helped, and what your specials are and watch them come to you.

Advertise Online:
You might think that advertising online is expensive but kindly dismiss those thoughts from your pretty little head! Advertising online is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business depending on which way you go about it. Of course, you have to factor in the type of advertising you do and the time it will take you to build a website for instance if you decide to go that route. You also have to factor in the domain name costs, web hosting monthly charges, and the time it takes to update your page on a regular basis.

Let’s say you decide to go with the traditional print advertising. In Austin, TX you can expect to pay anywhere from $12.00 to $2700 per week for a 1″ x 1″ ad on a typical newspaper. These prices may increase depending on the season you decide to advertise during.

Although print ads are very effective and the most traditional form of advertising available they are also the most expensive form of advertising since costs vary depending on your target audience.

More and more people are moving from the traditional print advertisement to online not only because of cost but also for the flexibility this type of advertisement offers. With print ads you are not free to change the information in your ad. Once it has gone to print if there’s a typo, forget ’bout it! It is going to print. Print ads also charge extra for pictures, additional words, and so forth. With online advertising you are free to make the changes you need as often as you need and many times there is no cost for including pictures or additional words depending on your advertising company. With the increasing number of internet users (74% of the US population uses the internet); online presence is not only a nice to have but a necessity for any business. Research done in 2010 by, shows that 17M people in Texas are internet users. According to the Nielsen Company, Austin residents have the highest internet usage in all of Texas. What’s more interesting is that Hispanics account for the largest minority buying power in the country and they are 4 to 6 times more likely to purchase from a website that is in Spanish. What does this mean to you? That if you are not online and in multiple languages, you are missing out on a large percentage of customers.

There are many online sites that offer advertising for a very low price and your return on investment is limitless! Some even offer to place your listing for free. Keep in mind that this type of listing may not offer the flexibility of posting as much information about your business as you may want but it’s worth it to get yourself noticed. Small businesses should be taking advantage of the internet by posting their business information anywhere possible! The more you expose your business online, the more customers you are likely to reach. Online advertising is not just for the large companies. You too can afford to advertise online and reap the benefits of what the world wide web has to offer!

Getting your business noticed is easy; you just have to be persistent. Talk to anyone that will listen about your business and what you do. Advertise online, leave business cards at restaurants where you eat, don’t be afraid of showing your business and skills off. Build it and they will come!